Impact,stain and chemical resistant acides,oils,alcohol won’t stain or harm the container.
Easy to read the graduations are printed on the outside to quickly take inventory.
Withstand temperature ranges from -15℃- 80℃,so they can be used in refrigerators of freezer.
Snap on cover fit tightl

Art.No Cover Size(mm) Capacity Material Colour
P-100P P-090P Φ130.5×126 1L PP Translucent
P-101P P-091P Φ188×108.5 2L PP Translucent
P-102P P-091P Φ188×215 4L PP Translucent
P-103P P-092P Φ226×199 6L PP Translucent
P-104P P-092P Φ226×274 7.5L PP Translucent
P-105P P-093P Φ315×214 10L PP Translucent
P-106P P-093P Φ315×304 15L PP Translucent
P-107P P-093P Φ315×378 20L PP Translucent

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