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1. Non-leanable central pole consisting of two pieces of white lacquered, striated aluminium.
2.White plastic top cap.
3.Tube diameter: 35 mm (top piece) / 40 mm (bottom piece). 1.25 mm thick.
4.The two pieces of the pole are assembled by a white plastic sleeve with a supporting screw, an anti-fall system.
5.Parasol opening: PUSH UP system.
6. 10 glass fiber spines (6.35 mm diameter) with plastic covers, sewn on the fabric.
7. DRALON® fabric (190 gr/m²) with white trim. OKO TEX approved.
8. BATYLINE® fabric (500 gr/m²) with white trim, antifungal-treated.
9. Removable and washable fabric.

Size: Ø 200 x Ø 200 x 214
Weight: 4/4.5 Kg

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