PC Round Storage Container

Impact,stain and chemical resistant acides,oils,alcohol won’t stain or harm the container.
Withstand temperature ranges from -40℃- 99℃,so they can be used in refrigerators of freezer.
Snap on cover fit tightly to provide excellent spill resistance.
Easy to read the graduations are printed on the outside to quickly take inventory.

Art.No Cover Size(mm) Capacity Material Colour
P-100C P-090C Φ130.5×126 1L PC Clear
P-101C P-091C Φ188×108.5 2L PC Clear
P-102C P-091C Φ188×215 4L PC Clear
P-103C P-092C Φ226×199 6L PC Clear
P-104C P-092C Φ226×274 7.5L PC Clear
P-105C P-093C Φ315×214 10L PC Clear
P-106C P-093C Φ315×304 15L PC Clear
P-107C P-093C Φ315×378 20L PC Clear